Waste Management, Inc. founder invests in Standard Gas

13 June 2022
13 June 2022 sg-admin

Commenting on his investment, Dean Buntrock says: “Landfilling and incineration face serious challenges in a world transitioning toward Net Zero and optimising the recovery and reuse of resources.”


He adds, “Future waste processing systems need to be aligned with these policy goals. Standard Gas has the potential to bring about a step-change in waste processing through the generation of carbon-negative, carbon-removing energy-from-waste. It’s ability to generate a range of clean energies – including electricity, biogas and hydrogen – and capture and remove carbon from a wide variety of residual, non-recyclable wastes make it a game-changer.”

“We are pleased to welcome Dean Buntrock, a founder of Waste Management, Inc., as one of our new investors,” says Standard Gas Chief Executive, David Whitmarsh. “Dean’s investment also reunites him with our Executive Chairman, Ed Falkman, who worked alongside Dean as Waste Management grew into a global environmental powerhouse.”

“Across his career, Dean transformed the global waste management sector through the application of innovative engineering, systems and technology in response to the world’s growing environmental challenges. We certainly consider having Dean on board as a mark of confidence in our Company and its aspirations to deliver carbon negative circular economy solutions to the management of waste.”


Dean Buntrock helped transform the global waste management sector

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