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…with our carbon removal technology

Our SG technology offers clean power, biogas, green hydrogen generation, carbon removal and carbon credits.

The Carbon Negative Solution.


Replace Fossil Fuels

Our products include biochar and biogas, which replace fossil fuels and reduce Scope 1 emissions.


Generate Clean Power

By harnessing the energy in waste more efficiently than all existing large-scale processors, our biogas will generate significant amounts of clean power and reduce an organisation’s near-direct emissions.


Dial down CO2 with our removal technology

Wherever it treats waste, our process removes carbon and saves GHG emissions.

The renewable energy, heat and fuel solution

SG technology uses a wide range of non-recyclable through to hazardous wastes instead of fossil fuels to generate biogas, electricity and heat for all sectors, including the hard-to-abate. Our SG 100 plant contributes to the Circular Economy by converting plastic waste to molecular feedstock. Coupled with electrolysis modules, the SG100 will generate over 650 tonnes a year of green hydrogen.

Waste: too good to waste!

By 2050, global waste generation is forecast to be almost 3.5 billion tonnes a year. Currently, less than 15% of the world’s waste is processed for recycling, clean energy recovery or carbon capture. What a waste!

What’s more, in 2016, those 2 billion tonnes of solid waste generated 1.6 billion tonnes of CO₂ equivalent – or about 5% of global emissions. If steps aren’t taken to prevent this, CO₂ equivalent emissions from waste could hit 2.6 billion tonnes by 2050.

Let’s stop burying and burning waste

In 2017, 97.5% of the UK’s non-recyclable waste was landfilled, incinerated or exported, generating over 30m tonnes of CO₂. Just 2.5% was processed, wasting a great opportunity to generate clean energy and capture carbon.

With 573 of our energy-from-waste plants, we could end landfilling and incineration. We’re ambitious, but also realistic. Our 5-year goal is to install 50 plants resulting in a material reduction in UK Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Let’s stop wasting energy and start removing CO₂

Today, 97.5% of the UK’s residual waste is still landfilled, incinerated or exported. That’s a waste of a rich, renewable energy resource, and a missed opportunity to remove and reduce atmospheric carbon.

Chart: UK residual waste destinations based on UK Government & Tolvik.com data for 2017

Your pathway to decarbonisation starts here

Our technology offers game-changing solutions to decarbonisation challenges. If you’re looking to achieve Net Zero, we can help you.