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Renewable, carbon-negative electricity, biogas, transport fuels, green hydrogen, chemical feedstock, carbon-removing biochar, transformational waste management and…and…and…
How we deal with waste.

SG100 technology – a carbon removing solution
Low-cost, and with a small footprint, our SG100 plant is designed to be scaled and deployed at speed to address the urgent need for sustainable, decarbonising energy as our Climate Change challenges accelerate.

Carbon Removing Solutions

Carbon Negative Energy: Each year, a single SG100 plant can generate up to 40,000 MW hours of carbon-negative power, enough for around 10,000 homes, offices or commercial properties, as well as for the transportation sector and wider industry.

Carbon Reduction: One SG100 will remove up to 25,000 tonnes of CO2e – equivalent to the annual carbon emissions of 5,000 cars. With electrolysis, a plant processing biogenic waste will generate over 650 tonnes of green hydrogen. And the SG100 closes the waste management loop, offering a better low carbon alternative to landfill and incineration.

Carbon Capture: The SG100 technology also generates ‘biochar’ and ‘carbon char’, a black, granular, dust-like co- product that can be sequestered in valuable agricultural, environmental, and industrial applications.

Today, less than 15% of the world’s waste is recycled, while 85% is dumped, buried or burned and emitting 1.6 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent. That’s 5% of total global greenhouse gas output.

Let’s stop wasting our waste

We don’t bury or burn money.

So, isn’t it time we stopped burying in landfills or burning in incinerators the valuable and energy-rich resources our society currently discards?

Find out more – see the video about us made by ITN Productions & WBA for COP26

Forecasts say the world will produce around 3.5 billion tonnes of waste a year by 2050, generating over2.6 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases.  That’s not sustainable.

Learn more about Carbon Char Store, our carbon-removals marketplace and carbon-removals classification system. It’s a user-friendly route to remove your CO2e emissions

Transition to Net Zero.

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Our technology is a major a carbon removing solution.

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It’s fuel beyond the fossil.

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