Standard Gas Podcasts

To explore pathways to Net Zero and the energy transition, Standard Gas is producing an ongoing series of podcasts. Hosted by environmental journalist, Gill Williams, the podcasts/vodcasts will include different sector experts and Standard Gas executives reviewing the challenges and solutions to Climate Change mitigation.

In the final episode of our second podcast, the focus turns to the support needed to drive decarbonisation of the Built Environment and the goal of embedding energy efficiency and Net Zero carbon in existing and new buildings.

Continuing Standard Gas’ new podcast series, our attention turns to decarbonising the buildings we live and work in.
In this Episode, David Partridge, Chairman of Related Argent and Chair of the Governance Board of the UK Net Zero Building Standard, and Brian Reynolds, Standard Gas’ Co-Lead for Carbon, discuss the Climate Change impact of our built environment

After a long career with Air Liquide, in 2023 gas expert, David Hurren, accepted an invitation to join our new Advisory Board. While recording Standard Gas’ first podcast, he gave his reasons, which included the professionalism of our team and the quality of our technology, which other specialists judged the best available.

In the second episode of our first podcast, Standard Gas Advisory Board member and gas expert, David Hurren, explores the challenges and opportunities in decarbonising waste management and recovering the energy and material resources in a range of waste streams, from household to biosolids. In the UK, for example, David points out that although 85% of the resources in waste going to landfill or incineration could be recovered or reused, “we’re stuck at about 44%.” It’s time to stop viewing waste as rubbish and to see it as a natural resource to create energy and other products.

In the first of several short episodes, Standard Gas Advisory Board Member, David Hurren, explains ‘renewable gas’, the technologies to produce it from waste-derived feedstocks, and its role in future energy provision. David recently retired as CEO of Air Liquide Biogas Solutions UK after a 26-year career with industrial gas giant, Air Liquide. Currently, he is President of the British Compressed Gases Association, and an advisor to the UK’s Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association.