“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”
Arthur C. Clarke

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Our SG100 technology produces affordable, clean, carbon-negative energy, while capturing and removing carbon, and transforming waste management for the Circular Economy.

We have a way to harness the energy in the rich resources society currently discards, removing carbon to help protect the planet.

Our SG100 Advanced Thermal Cracking technology transforms waste into a clean biogas or synthesis gas (syngas) and biochar, which captures and removes carbon. And, because it doesn’t burn waste, the process has no problematic emissions.

Each year, a single SG100 plant can generate up to 40,000 MW hours of carbon-negative power, enough for around 10,000 homes, or for offices, commercial properties, transportation, and industries.

It will also remove up to 25,000 tonnes of CO2e – equivalent to the annual carbon emissions of 5,000 cars. With electrolysis, a plant processing biogenic waste will generate over 650 tonnes of green hydrogen.

Clean, sustainable energy options

Biogas or synthesis gas (syngas) generated by the SG100 offers routes to alternative, renewable energy and product options. Our biogas/syngas is tar-free, certified as clean as natural gas, with market-leading ‘End of Waste’ certification from the UK’s Environment Agency.

It can be used to generate electricity, processed via methanation into renewable energy for transportation or for grid injection, and into chemicals feedstock. Combined with electrolysis, electricity from biogenic waste (from plant- and animal-waste) will generate green hydrogen.

Biochar /carbon char – the SG100’s black, granular, dust-like co-product – captures carbon which can be sequestered in and help decarbonise products for agriculture, construction, and the environment.

Transforming waste management

And, the SG100 closes the waste management loop for the Circular Economy, offering a transformational alternative to landfill and incineration.

Non-burn, our Advanced Thermal Cracking SG100 technology will process up to 48,000 tonnes of biogenic and residual, non-recyclable wastes a year while generating carbon-negative energy, and carbon-removing biochar. The SG100 is low-cost, has a small footprint, and is designed for rapid deployment and scalability.

Rapid Planning and Permitting

As our SG100 technology qualifies as an energy producer under the UK Environment Agency’s Industrial Emissions Directive, plant planning and permitting takes months not years, reflecting regulations in many other national jurisdictions.

What others say about us

“Standard Gas Illustrates the Net Zero opportunity within synthetic gas creation. Just over 49% of the UK’s waste is non-recyclable, totalling 106.4 million tonnes, which emits c.19 mega-tonnes of GHG emissions. Given that there is a dual benefit of reducing waste to landfill alongside the delivery of a carbon negative energy source, this technology has a large breakthrough potential.”

PwC UK’s 2022 Net Zero Future50 report

“Haldor Topsøe made a paid study, investigating conversion of the syngas from Standard Gas and found that the gas is suitable for production of SNG (Substitute Natural gas) or LNG (liquefied Substitute Natural gas). The gas can also be used for production of chemicals like Methanol, DME, TIGAS (synthetic gasoline) or FT. Due to the high Methane content in the syngas, an additional steam reforming process step will be needed, either as a separate step or integrated into the SG100”.

Haldor Topsøe

“From our background in chemical processing, we fully understand the innovative steps that have been taken in this technology to overcome the limitations of other pyrolysis technologies. Having visited Standard Gas’ demonstration plant, we confirm our view that the technology is reliable and very promising.”

Munich Re