Our carbon removing technology has widescale commercial, transportation and industrial applications across value chains

Replacing fossil fuels, generating clean power and reducing CO2 emissions with its carbon-removing processes.
Reach your Net Zero emissions goal

Transition to Net Zero

The science is indisputable. Our world is facing a Climate Change crisis. We need to act urgently to halt and start reversing carbon emissions by 2030. To do so, means investing and rapidly deploying new technologies and solutions that will enable businesses, other organisations, and individuals to transition to a Net Zero carbon economy by 2050.

In the UK and other national jurisdictions, programmes are being implemented to mandate businesses and other organisations to report on the climate-related risks as recommended by the global Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures.

For those entities espousing the goal of Net Zero, there is increasing emphasis on the need for them to demonstrate progress in line with their aspirations.

Our Decarbonisation Solutions

At Standard Gas our purpose is to accelerate the transition to Net Zero by providing carbon-negative energy solutions.

Our patented SG100 technology generates clean, renewable energy for homes and buildings, industry and transportation, and carbon-capturing biochar that can be sequestered in valuable products for the agricultural, construction and environmental industries.

The SG100 also provides a transformational alternative to the final disposal of waste through landfill and incineration, which generate emissions adding to atmospheric CO2.

The Greenhouse Gas Emissions Protocol

The global standard framework for measuring and managing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) across value chains.
Standard Gas technology can help mitigate all three emission scopes.

SCOPE 1 direct emissions

Replace Fossil Fuels

Our products include biochar and biogas, which replace fossil fuels and reduce Scope 1 emissions.

SCOPE 2 emissions from acquired power

Generate Clean Power

By harnessing the energy in waste more efficiently than all existing large-scale processors, our biogas will generate significant amounts of clean power and reduce an organisation’s near-direct emissions.

SCOPE 3 value chain emissions

Dial down CO2 with our removal technology

Wherever it treats waste, our process removes carbon and saves GHG emissions.

Hard-to-abate heavy industries

Our technology removes carbon while generating carbon-negative power, heat, steam, and fuel. Processing a wide range of biogenic and non-recyclable waste-derived fuels instead of fossil fuels, we offer a decarbonisation route for sectors such as steel, food processing, cement, construction, transport and chemicals, which could potentially also use our syngas for feedstock production.

Renewable Fuel for Road Transport and Shipping

Our renewable syngas – or renewable natural gas – can provide a carbon-negative alternative to fossil fuels for road haulage, bus and coach transport, and shipping sectors. With electrolysis, electricity made using our gas will also generate green hydrogen.

Commercial Energy Consumers

For major energy-consuming organisations seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve net zero emissions and beyond, our technology offers both carbon-negative power – on average 40,000 megawatt hours a year per SG 100 plant – and the removal of up to 18,000 tonnes of CO2e.

Carbon Capture and Removal with Carbon Char Store

Biochar, the co-product of our SG100 process, is a black, granular dust, which captures and removes carbon. It has value in a variety of applications.

Comprising 10%-15% of the SG100’s total output, biochar can be used in carbon-sequestering applications including soil stabilisation and conditioning, and in cement and concrete for construction.

Our Carbon Char Store provides an innovative carbon-removals marketplace and ground-breaking removals classification system. It’s a user-friendly route to offset your CO2e emissions.

Closing the Waste Management Loop for the Circular Economy

SG100 technology provides a cost-effective, carbon-negative, non-burn alternative to landfill and incineration. In a year, our SG100 will process 48,000 tonnes of a wide range of non-recyclable wastes, generate on average 40,000 megawatt hours of power, and capture up to 18,000 tonnes of CO2e.

Our SG100 plant has a small footprint – about the size of two tennis courts and 10-metres in height. One unit will fit into a 1-hectare site, including balance of plant, equipment, and access. For 10-15 SG100s, site requirement is 4-5 hectares. Designed to be scaled and deployed at speed to address the urgent need for sustainable, decarbonising energy as our Climate Change challenges accelerate.

As our SG100 technology qualifies as an energy producer under the UK Environment Agency’s Industrial Emissions Directive, plant planning and permitting takes months not years, reflecting regulations in many other national jurisdictions.

Find out more – see the video about us made by ITN Productions & WBA for COP26

Transition to Net Zero.

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Our technology is a major decarbonisation solution.

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