Standard Gas & Carbon Char Store welcome ‘technology agnostic’ EU carbon removal certification plan

22 February 2024
22 February 2024 sg-admin

“The technology agnostic approach adopted in the draft EU Carbon Removal Certificate Framework (CRC-F), is a welcome element,” says Standard Gas’ Analyst, Oliver Grogono, in reference to the EU Council’s and Parliament’s provisional agreement on a voluntary certification framework for permanent carbon removals, carbon farming and carbon storage in products.

“Despite strong lobbying to restrict removals to two categories of technology – Direct Air Capture (DAC) and Bioenergy Carbon Capture and Sequestration (BECCS) – Council and Parliament appear to agree that these limits would hamper use and development of novel and potentially more energy and environmentally efficient processes. Clearly, DAC and BECCS should be among our pathways to Net Zero and Climate Change mitigation. But the history of technological development is littered with examples of established technologies being favoured by regulators and funders and crowding out newer, alternative, and potentially better processes.”

Pending formal adoption, the agreement includes an open definition of carbon removals, and aligns with the IPCC in covering only atmospheric and biogenic removals. The four categories are:

  • permanent carbon removal
  • temporary carbon storage in long-lasting products
  • temporary carbon storage from carbon farming
  • soil emission reduction (from carbon farming)

More details of the agreement are here:

Oliver Grogono, Analyst, Standard Gas


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