Standard Gas and Air Liquide explore renewable transport fuel project

7 June 2022
7 June 2022 sg-admin

Standard Gas Technologies Limited (Standard Gas) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding  with Air Liquide to explore a project to generate and supply renewable biofuel for the UK commercial transportation sector. The aim would be to supply renewable natural gas (RNG) produced using Standard Gas’ proprietary technology through Air Liquide’s network of gas fuelling stations in the UK. 

The terms of the MoU cover the potential development of facilities using Standard Gas’ carbon negative technology to produce syngas that will be processed via methanation into RNG.  The MoU anticipates the RNG will be eligible for classification as an advanced biofuel under the UK Government’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation scheme and generate Development Renewable Transport Fuel Certificates.

The MoU specifically concerns offtake of RNG from a test facility using Standard Gas’ patented advanced thermal cracking technology, which generates synthesis gas (syngas/biogas) and carbon-removing char from a wide range of non-recyclable solid and biogenic wastes. The agreement sets out the principles on which the two companies will evaluate and investigate the technical and financial viability, and scalability, of the project with a view to entering into a formal commercial agreement.

Commenting on the partnership, Standard Gas chief executive, David Whitmarsh, says: “Our company’s mission is to make a significant contribution in mitigating and reversing the negative environmental, social and economic impacts of climate change. As we roll-out the process of commercialising our technology, we value the opportunity of working alongside Air Liquide, with its global reach, industrial experience and technological strength. We believe we can help make material improvements to the environmental performance of the UK transportation sector.” 

Standard Gas develops projects based on its SG100 advanced pyrolysis process, which generates renewable, carbon-negative energy and carbon-removing biochar. As it does not burn waste, the SG100 process has no problematic emissions, and offers a value-generating alternative to landfill and incineration. As clean as natural gas, SG100 syngas has market-leading ‘End of Waste’ certification from the UK’s Environment Agency. It can be used to generate electricity, steam and heat, or processed via methanation into renewable transportation fuels, chemical feedstock, and for grid injection. Coupled with electrolysis, the SG100 will generate over 650 tonnes a year of green hydrogen.

Processing up to 48,000 tonnes of waste a year, an SG100 plant will on average generate up to 40,000 megawatt hours of power and, via biochar generation, remove up to 18,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent. Comprising 10%-15% of the SG100’s total output, biochar captures and removes carbon. It also has valuable uses in soil stabilisation and conditioning and in construction products.

For more information, contact:  Peter Coombes [email protected] or 07770 637528