Our SG100 engineering team is flying!

14 June 2024
14 June 2024 sg-admin

Standing on the balcony of our new office at Scottow Enterprise Park in Norfolk is the team leading the commissioning of our first SG100 plant. Located in the former RAF Coltishall Airbase, rumours say the office was once the pilots’ lounge. Our team is certainly ready for take-off, with progress accelerating towards the upcoming Site Assessment Test.

From left to right: Site Manager, Kevin Normington, Operations Manager, Lee Burton, Technical Director, Laurence Sharrock, and Commissioning Engineering Manager, Russell Ford.

HazOp testing has been successfully completed, and this weekend sees the installation of a new transformer to ensure sufficient discrete power to the SG100 and control room. Burners are also being readied for siting in the pyrolysis and gas cracking units’ furnaces. Triple linings are being installed in the furnaces to prevent heat loss, keep external surface temperatures low, and conserve energy. 


Renewable, carbon-negative electricity, biogas, transport fuels, green hydrogen, chemical feedstock, carbon-removing biochar, transformational waste management and…and…and
Our SG100 technology produces affordable, clean, carbon-negative energy, while capturing and removing carbon, and transforming waste management for the Circular Economy.
Our carbon removing technology has wide-scale commercial, transportation and industrial applications across value chains.

Carbon Negative Energy: Each year, a single SG100 plant can generate up to 40,000 MW hours of carbon-negative power, enough for around 10,000 homes, offices or commercial properties, as well as for the transportation sector and wider industry.

Carbon Reduction: It will remove up to 25,000 tonnes of CO2e – equivalent to the annual carbon emissions of 5,000 cars. With electrolysis, a plant processing biogenic waste will generate over 650 tonnes of green hydrogen. And the SG100 closes the waste management loop, offering a better low carbon alternative to landfill and incineration.

Carbon Capture: TheSG100 technology also generates ‘biochar’ and ‘carbon char’, a black, granular, dust-like co- product that can be sequestered in valuable agricultural, environmental, and industrial applications.

Our Mission is to significantly contribute in mitigating and reversing climate change’s negative environmental, social and economic impacts.