Green Light for SG100.01 initial commissioning

26 January 2024
26 January 2024 sg-admin

Green Light for SG100.01 initial commissioning

Preparations are now in full swing for the pre-commercialisation commissioning of Standard Gas Technologies’ first SG100 plant at Scottow Enterprise Park north of Norwich following temporary planning approval from North Norfolk District Council at year end.

“We are delighted with NNDC’s decision,” says Chief Executive, David Whitmarsh. “The four key units of the first SG100 are mechanically complete, and the planning green light means we can now move full speed ahead towards pre-commercialisation commissioning of the plant in the second quarter of the year. Having built the plant in Norfolk, it makes sense to implement this process in situ. Local contractors – including our engineering design partners, electronics specialists, and fabricators – have all played a key role in the plant’s construction and will support our preparations for the process, which will conclude with the SG100.01 in continuous operation for 30 days.”

The plant’s pre-commercialisation commissioning will be undertaken at the headquarters of Standard Gas’ engineering design partner, Swift Technology Group, where the SG100.01 has been built.  During the process, pre-prepared dried, shredded, baled, wrapped, and odour-free feedstock – mainly non-recyclable paper and some plastic – will be processed to generate clean product gas and carbon-removing char. Inputs and outputs will be monitored throughout the 30-day operation using high-precision analytical equipment.

While the final location for SG100.01 has yet to be decided, it’s likely be a site in either Norfolk or East Yorkshire.

“We have identified a site in Norfolk and have been building relationships with regional organisations including the University of East Anglia,” says Laurence Sharrock. “If the SG100 stays in Norfolk, there is the potential to collaborate with others in building the region’s renewable and sustainable energy expertise.”

Wherever the plant is located, Standard Gas is planning to establish in tandem a research and development centre and a laboratory for analysis of inputs and outputs from the SG100 and potentially third-party products. This would likely create 30-40 permanent, high-skilled jobs.

In November, Standard Gas also announced an agreement with px Group, the owner and operator of Saltend Chemicals Plant, Humberside, for the deployment of SG100 technology at the site, with potential for multiple plants which could lead to total investments of over £100m and creating 100-plus jobs.

Having raised around £50m to develop the technology and build the first SG100, Standard Gas already has projects for up to 20 SG100 plants at several different locations in the UK and EU. The company has also established partnerships with manufacturers and operations and maintenance contractors for commercial rollout of the technology.

David Whitmarsh is excited about the future for SG100 technology: “We have ongoing discussions with leading global companies in a range of industrial sectors – including cement/concrete, steel, shipping, transportation, property, IT, chemicals – which are all significant energy consumers looking to decarbonise. Industrial clusters in the UK and EU are also interested in our technology for both power and decarbonisation. The UK and the wider world need to drive hard towards a Net Zero economy and our SG100 technology has an important contribution to make.”


For more information, please contact Peter Coombes, Head of Communications and Government Affairs, Standard Gas Technologies Ltd:

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David Whitmarsh,
CEO, Standard Gas


Renewable, carbon-negative electricity, biogas, transport fuels, green hydrogen, chemical feedstock, carbon-removing biochar, transformational waste management and…and…and
Our SG100 technology produces affordable, clean, carbon-negative energy, while capturing and removing carbon, and transforming waste management for the Circular Economy.
Our carbon removing technology has wide-scale commercial, transportation and industrial applications across value chains.

Carbon Negative Energy: Each year, a single SG100 plant can generate up to 40,000 MW hours of carbon-negative power, enough for around 10,000 homes, offices or commercial properties, as well as for the transportation sector and wider industry.

Carbon Reduction: It will remove up to 16,000 tonnes of CO2e – equivalent to the annual carbon emissions of 5,000 cars. With electrolysis, a plant processing biogenic waste will generate over 650 tonnes of green hydrogen. And the SG100 closes the waste management loop, offering a better low carbon alternative to landfill and incineration.

Carbon Capture: TheSG100 technology also generates ‘biochar’ and ‘carbon char’, a black, granular, dust-like co- product that can be sequestered in valuable agricultural, environmental, and industrial applications.

Our Mission is to significantly contribute in mitigating and reversing climate change’s negative environmental, social and economic impacts.