Floreat Invests In Standard Gas

4 May 2022
4 May 2022 sg-admin


Independent and privately owned investment group, Floreat, has invested an initial £3m in Standard Gas Technologies Ltd, which is helping fund the construction of our first SG100 plant, currently underway in Norfolk, UK.  

Commenting on the investment, Standard Gas Executive Chairman, Ed Falkman, says “We’re excited to have Floreat on board. As well as financial backing, Floreat brings invaluable expert advice and an extensive network of well-connected partners. Furthermore, Jeff Sinclair, the group’s Head of Principal Investing, has wide-ranging experience in renewables investing and analysis.” 

“A dual play on waste and renewables” 

Floreat’s Jeff Sinclair, Head of Principal Investing

Noting the investment was made on behalf of Principal Investing Fund I Limited, a fund advised by Floreat, Jeff Sinclair, highlights Standard Gas’ management team and superior technology as a key reason for assigning capital to the firm: “As a dual play on both waste management and renewables, we are very pleased to be one of the first investors in Standard Gas. With experienced leadership in Ed Falkman and CEO David Whitmarsh, Standard Gas is well-placed to scale up and deliver a truly revolutionary technology solution for both carbon-removing renewable energy and waste management. Firms are rightly concerned about how to dispose of waste sustainably while also benefiting from clean energy production.”  

“Transformational technology” 

David Whitmarsh adds: “We believe our technology has the potential to be transformational for businesses and other organizations, which are facing challenges in decarbonising their energy needs and finding sustainable waste disposal routes. What’s more, it can contribute to the overall sustainability of our planet and help speed our journey towards Net Zero.”  

For more information: 

Standard Gas: Peter Coombes [email protected] +44 (0)20 7363 8888 

Floreat: Emma Paterson [email protected] +44 (0)20 7318 0600