The Team

Ed Falkman, Executive Chairman

An investor in Standard Gas and previous CEO of Waste Management International Plc, where he took turnover from £100m to £1.5bn, developing and managing projects in solid waste and energy in over 30 countries. Ed is a former non-executive director of Wheelabrator Technologies and of Wessex Water. He is also the former chairman of the Environment Commission of the International Chamber of Commerce and former executive board member of the World Business Council on Sustainable Development.

David Whitmarsh, Chief Executive

After graduating from university and qualifying as a Chartered Surveyor, David built a career in property investment and development, founding and managing two successful businesses. Seeing the potential for producing carbon negative energy from waste feedstocks, in 2013 David became an investor in Standard Gas and, soon after, was invited to join the management team.  Since 2016, he has led the company’s successful growth and overseen the Standard Gas group’s restructuring.  Driving the business forward, David continues to underline the value of teamwork, agility and adaptability in tenacious pursuit of clear strategic goals.

Brian Reynolds, Director

A founding investor and director of Standard Gas, Brian plays a leading role in the selection of new sites and corporate opportunities, the company’s carbon intensity reporting, and ISO accreditation. He has 30 years of commercial property experience with Argent and Resolution.

Richard Jackson, Director

A Standard Gas investor since 2015, Richard applies both his analytical skills, acquired as a senior derivatives trader for 18 years, and his chemistry training, to lead our carbon intensity reporting efforts with a specific focus on integrating plant and engineering design reports with our emissions and financial data. He also applies his skills to modelling many other features of the company’s operations from short-term project risk to long-term valuation.

Julian Leadbeater, Business Development

A Standard Gas shareholder since 2014, Julian plays a key role in the company’s investor relations and business development. He has over 25 years’ experience in global business development and sales director roles in the technology, finance and commodity sectors, particularly in multiple technology-driven start-ups or early-stage businesses.

Laurence Sharrock, Technology Development & Delivery

Laurence joined Standard Gas in 2013 and is responsible for the company’s technology development and delivery, which includes engineering, certification, compliance, permitting and commercialisation. With extensive experience in this sector, previously Laurence held senior management roles with Environmental Scientifics Group, the UK’s leading UKAS & MCERTS accredited testing, inspection, certification and compliance company.

Paul Quinn, Company Secretary

Paul has been with Standard Gas since its inception.  With 20 years experience in senior financial management positions, Paul has been involved in the environmental and clean technology sector since 2008. Previously, he co-founded a UK property developer, specialising in low-cost, defect-free family housing using modern methods of construction.

Peter Coombes, Communications & Government Affairs

Peter has over 30 years in-house and consulting experience in the energy, chemicals and environmental services sector. His expertise ranges from financial and environment, social and corporate governance reporting through to business and human rights. Peter has provided consulting services to some of the world’s leading energy and chemicals companies, business associations and governmental bodies. Early in his career, he was an international business journalist and editor.