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Our decarbonisation solution

Hard-to-abate heavy industries

Our technology removes carbon while generating carbon-negative power, heat, steam, and fuel. Processing a wide range of biogenic and non-recyclable waste-derived fuels instead of fossil fuels, we offer a decarbonisation route for sectors such as steel, food processing, cement, construction, transport and chemicals, which could potentially also use our syngas for feedstock production.

Renewable Fuel for Road Transport and Shipping

Our renewable syngas – or renewable natural gas – can provide a carbon-negative alternative to fossil fuels for road haulage, bus and coach transport, and shipping sectors. With electrolysis, electricity made using our gas will also generate green hydrogen.

Commercial Energy Consumers

For major energy-consuming organisations seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve net zero emissions and beyond, our technology offers both carbon-negative power – on average 40,000 megawatt hours a year per SG 100 plant – and the profitable removal of up to 18,000 tonnes of CO2e.


SG technology provides a cost-effective, carbon-negative alternative to landfill and incineration, generating clean, renewable energy and carbon-removing char. In a year, our SG100 will process 48,000 tonnes of non-recyclable wastes, generate on average 40,000 megawatt hours of power, and capture up to 18,000 tonnes of CO2e.