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Arthur C. Clarke

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We are certified ‘End of Waste’ from the UK Environment Agency.

Our syngas is tar-free, certified as clean as natural gas, with market-leading ‘End of Waste’ certification from the UK Environment Agency (EA). It can be used to generate electricity, steam and heat, or processed via methanation into transportation fuels, chemical feedstock, and for grid injection. Coupled with electrolysis, the SG100 can generate over 650 tonnes a year of green hydrogen.


In Q4 of 2020 an in-house set of carbon accounts for the SG100 were completed.  The work included both “to power” and “to Natural Gas” business models both under an incineration or a landfill counterfactual.  The calculations followed a ISO14064-2 framework.   These calculations were appraised by:

  • Dr. Chris Meinrenken of Columbia University [resulting in a short confirmation statement, Q4 2020]
  • Dr. Daniel Sanchez of Carbon-Direct and formerly University of California Berkeley [producing a detailed positive report for a fortune 500 company relating to the veracity of our accounting, Q2 2021]
  • Dr. Dawid Hanak of Cranfield University [producing a report containing: i. the accounting treatment of the SG100, processing a range of feedstocks and ii. a proposed methodology for apportioning the carbon negativity of any char towards claims relating to the non-biogenic portion of the product electricity or gas, Q4 2021].

The Greenhouse Gas Emissions Protocol.

The global standard framework for measuring and managing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from private and public sector operations, value chains, and actions.
Standard Gas technology can help mitigate all three emission scopes.

SCOPE 1 direct emissions

Replace Fossil Fuels

Our products include biochar and biogas, which replace fossil fuels and reduce Scope 1 emissions.

SCOPE 2 emissions from acquired power

Generate Clean Power

By harnessing the energy in waste more efficiently than all existing large-scale processors, our biogas will generate significant amounts of clean power and reduce an organisation’s near-direct emissions.

SCOPE 3 value chain emissions

Dial down CO2 with our removal technology

Wherever it treats waste, our process removes carbon and saves GHG emissions.

Transition to Net Zero.

What next?

Our technology is a game-changing solution to the decarbonisation challenge.
Whether you’re looking to position for Net Zero, achieve Net Zero, or help save the world, your pathway to decarbonisation starts here.
Email, give us call, or click here for more information on our SG100 carbon-removing energy-from-waste plant. It’s fuel beyond the fossil.

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