Standard Gas completes £17.6 million fundraise

24 January 2022
24 January 2022 sg-admin

London, UK-based Standard Gas Technologies Ltd (Standard Gas) has raised £17.6 million in a recent investment round and is accelerating commercialisation of its carbon-negative, carbon-removing energy-from-waste technology. The company is also in the process of launching its newly formed carbon removals sales and marketing arm, Carbon Char Store.

“Exciting times”

David Whitmarsh, Standard Gas’ Chief Executive Officer comments: “It’s an exciting time. Having previously raised £30m to develop and prove our technology, this new investment is enabling us to move into a phase of full-scale commercial manufacture and onto licensing of our SG100 technology. We’re already in advanced discussions with sector-leading global companies interested in buying our plants or our power, licensing our technology, or in partnering for renewable transport fuels, hydrogen production, and potentially replacement fuels. We are seeing similar responses to our Carbon Char Store, which will market and sell our carbon removals.

Standard Gas CEO, David Whitmarsh: “We can help improve the UK transport sector’s environmental performance.”

“Truly transformational”

Executive Chairman, Ed Falkman, who previously served as Chief Executive and Chair of Waste Management International plc, says: “Our technology is truly transformational. It captures carbon while simultaneously generating clean, renewable energy. We have a way to harness the energy in the rich resources society currently discards, removing carbon to help protect the planet. Today, most end-of-life and non-recyclable wastes are burnt or buried, adding to environmental issues and atmospheric CO2. Our technology provides a low-cost, sustainable alternative to landfill and incineration.”

Edwin Falkman

Standard Gas’ SG100 Advanced Thermal Cracking technology transforms a wide range of non-recyclable and hazardous wastes into a clean synthesis gas (syngas) and biochar. As it doesn’t burn waste, the process has very low emissions. Tar-free, the company’s syngas, which achieved End of Waste certification from the UK’s Environment Agency, can be used to generate electricity, and heat, or processed via methanation into transportation fuels, chemical feedstock or for grid injection. Coupled with electrolysis or via reformation, the SG100 can generate between 650 tonnes and 3,000 tonnes of Green hydrogen a year. The co-product biochar captures and removes carbon when used in sequestering applications such as soil enhancer or as a construction aggregate.

“Scalable, with multiple end-use applications”

Having proved the technology with its commercial-scale demonstration plant in Cambridgeshire, UK, the company’s first SG100 plant is under construction, also in the UK. Capable of processing 48,000 tonnes of waste a year, the SG100 can generate an average of 40,000 MW hours of power and, dependent on feedstock, remove up to 16,000 tonnes of CO2e. With a small footprint, the plant can be deployed in a modular manner, making it rapidly scalable for a range of end-use applications.

“Carbon removals launch imminent”

Carbon Char Store (CCS) has been established to manage the marketing and sales of Standard Gas’ carbon removals, based on the sequestration of its biochar. Establishing an innovative classification system in combination with a blockchain-backed removals purchasing platform, CCS offers high-grade carbon removals that can be used to neutralise emissions.

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