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28 June 2021
28 June 2021 sg-admin

As Standard Gas Technologies Ltd begins the manufacturing process for its game-changing renewable energy technology – the SG100 – the company has acknowledged the key role played in the engineering design of the plant by Badersfield, Norwich-based Swift TG Solutions, part of the Swift Technology Group.

Standard Gas’ SG100 technology harnesses the energy in the rich resources society currently discards, while removing carbon to help protect the planet. Utilising patented advanced thermal cracking technology, the SG100 transforms a vast range of non-recyclable wastes into a clean synthesis gas (syngas) and biochar, which captures and removes carbon. The process is carbon-negative, and as it doesn’t burn waste, has no problematic emissions. 

Today, most non-recyclable wastes are burnt or buried, adding to environmental issues and atmospheric CO2. The SG100 is a low-cost, sustainable alternative to landfill and incineration.

Processing up to 48,000 tonnes of waste a year, the tennis court-size plant can generate up to 40,000 megawatt hours of clean power for businesses, properties and homes, and remove up to 18,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent. 

With market-leading ‘End of Waste’ certification from the UK’s Environment Agency, the SG100’s syngas can be used to generate electricity, steam and heat, or processed via methanation into transportation fuels, chemical feedstock, and for grid injection. Coupled with electrolysis, the SG100 can generate over 650 tonnes of green hydrogen a year.

Standard Gas’ Technical Director, Laurence Sharrock, says: “Swift has played a vital role in the design and development of the SG100, which in future will make an important contribution to achieving Net Zero carbon emissions. Over several years, we’ve built a very strong relationship with David Stanbridge and his team of engineers, who have provided important and constructive design upgrades and innovations as the new plant has evolved from the technology first proved on our SG50 plant at Huntingdon. Now, with Swift’s completed build-to-print drawings, Standard Gas is in the process of constructing the first SG100s with manufacturing partners in the UK and The Netherlands.” 

For Swift Technology Group, managing director David Stanbridge says: “We have been involved with the development of the SG100 Technology for several years. Compared to the original SG50 it has evolved to a robust technology that will definitely be part of the waste solution that our planet deserves. The SG100 possesses processing stages that overcome issues that previous pyrolysis technologies have faced making this an exciting game changer. We have an excellent relationship with Standard Gas who have embraced the technology evolution and they have definitely made us feel part of the team.”

Swift Technology Group is a technology driven organisation providing complete end-to-end product development. With industry leading expertise in design, manufacture, marketing, maintenance and support, they bring innovative concepts to market and deliver results of the highest quality. The Swift team’s wide-ranging industrial experience – from renewable energy, oil and gas, aeronautics, marine, and automotive – and diverse range of state-of-the-art technologies enables the group to provide advanced engineering solutions. 

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