SG100 technology reaches new audiences at COP26

10 November 2021
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10 November 2021 sg-admin

Standard Gas’ pioneering technology features in a new film – Bioenergy for the Future – shown in the Blue Zone at COP26 and at a World Bioenergy Association side event in Glasgow. 

Produced by ITN Productions in partnership with the WBA, the programme showcases the capabilities of our carbon-removing, renewable energy-generating SG100 plant and outlines our commercialisation plans.  

Technical Director Laurence Sharrock explains what the technology does and how it works, and Standard Gas’ Chairman, Ed Falkman, a 40-year veteran of global waste management and recycling, talks about the step-change our process offers on the road to Net Zero. Chief Executive, David Whitmarsh outlines the company’s ongoing journey, highlighting the manufacturing and commercialisation process that is underway, and a partnership with Air Liquide UK to develop renewable transport fuels.  Director and Co-Carbon Lead, Richard Jackson, discusses the technology’s carbon-removing capability and the contribution it will make to mitigating climate change. 

Hosted on the WBA website and ITN Productions Media Hub, the film features Standard Gas and sponsored editorial content covering industry technologies. ITN Productions and WBA are also promoting the film via Linked In and YouTube to highlight the value of bioenergy technologies and target financial institutions, policy makers, the media and investment decision-makers. ITN Productions is ITN’s bespoke production hub.